The services we offer range from early-stage planning to construction and commissioning, through to commercial and technical management. As a full-service provider, we are also there for you beyond that. The MOTIO team works in three large units: Development, Invest, and IPP (Independent Power Producer). We are at your side as a reliable partner at every stage of your project: from conception and development to implementation.

For us, the energy transition isn’t limited to generating renewable energies through wind power or photovoltaic systems. With intelligent concepts for the conversion and distribution of the energy generated, we push for applications that make sense and are economically attractive long-term. A good business case forms the basis for this – whether as electricity, in the form of hydrogen, or in mobility. We show our partners options, get projects off the ground, and we walk the path with you, as investors, in operational management, and as consultants. This is how we will shape the future, together.