Our brand is our intention: MOTIO = movement. Because: we want to get things moving – towards the energy transition!

Our prime motivator is our respect for nature and its resources. In terms of sustainable solutions, we take responsibility and develop concepts that make renewable energies accessible and economically attractive for everyone. We are your strong partner for sustainably successful renewable energy projects, investments and decentralised energy supply. Our goal is a 100% energy supply from renewable energies, worldwide and now!



Our services

The services we offer range from early-stage planning to construction and commissioning, through to commercial and technical management. As a full-service provider, we are also there for you beyond that.

The MOTIO team works in three large units: Development, Invest, and IPP (Independent Power Producer). We are at your side as a reliable partner at every stage of your project: from conception and development to implementation.



Renewable energies for all

Our goal is to make 100% of global energy consumption renewable in the future. MOTIO uses very concrete projects to show how the energy transition can become real, accessible to all, and economically viable.
We handle the planning and construction of generation plants as well as their operation for decentralised local supply.

We support companies, municipalities and investors on their journey towards using renewable energies.
We are also active operators and investors ourselves. By providing sound counsel, we ensure maximum local value creation for a CO2-neutral future. MOTIO lives the future, here and now.



You want to get moving, too?
We look forward to talking to you!

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