The energy transition is a tour de force for the economy and society. MOTIO is advocates for an energy supply from renewable sources at the regional level as well. We bundle our services in this area under the heading ‘Independent Power Producer’ (IPP). In the spirit of long-term successful climate protection, we seek to strengthen local communities, empower them to use their resources, and thereby optimise regional value creation.

Municipalities in particular face the great challenge of actively addressing tomorrow’s energy supply now in order to meet the climate protection targets. In many places, a transformation is necessary to meet the new requirements. Here, MOTIO provides consultation and develops integrative concepts that make structural change possible. Such as a developing municipal utilities into a decentralised, rural energy supply via using rural utilities, usually also including municipal utilities.

The development of a new infrastructure for logistics as well as a shift to new, up-to-date mobility including innovative car-sharing concepts also play an important role here. These new energy hubs provide a clear regional value-add and enable you to become an energy provider.

We at MOTIO also support individual companies on their way to an economically viable and image-enhancing restructuring. We advise you with regard to funding opportunities, the integration of generation plants, and the development of a CO2-neutral vehicle fleet. We make you fit for the future.